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The Barium platform can be used in several industries, functions and application areas.

For your convenience, we have created a couple of pricing options to meet your demands.

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Barium Low-Code Application Platform

Here are some sample packages to get you started - please visit each product page to see more details


Model, document and share BPMN processes

Only modeling features

No software needed

Built in workshop tools

BPMN 2.0 validator

Smart version control

Collaborative modelling

Document & URL support


Free upgrades


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Everything you need to take your processes to the next level

All modeler features +

Up to 10 process apps

Smart form designer tool

Process rules & automation

Intuitive end user runtime environment

Mobile apps (iOS & HTML 5)

Performance dashboards & Reporting


All modeler features


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Advanced capabilities and tailorable to fit specific needs
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All business features +

Unlimited process apps

Federated authentication (SAML)

Analytic data access

All business features

All modeler features


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Do you have several products? Do you offer several delivery models?

Yes, kind of! Barium Live is the name of our platform, when delivered as a true cloud service (multitenant). For some larger clients we do offer other delivery models such as on-premise, private or hybrid cloud deployment. The Barium Live platform do consists of several features/modules and they can be described separately. Eg Process Modeler, Contact Centre and Management System.

How to buy Barium?

Get in touch with us directly, give us a call or fill in the form. You can also get in contact with some of our partners.

Do you possess any framework agreement?

Yes, we can utilize framework agreements towards public sector thanks to our partners. Currently we can supply most organisations in the public sector. We also have framework agreements with some of the largest enterprises within the Nordics.

Who are your partners?

You will find our partners and friends here. Additionally we have a close relationship with Pulsen, ÅF, HPE and Indigio Ipex to name a few.

What pricing model will suit me best?

Explore our different pricing options or give us a call right away. We are happy to hel

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