Podcast #13
Taking over Youtube as a Process Automation influencer


Guest: Anders Jensen, YouTuber


Automatiseringspodden is breaking ground with its first English episode! Widely requested by listeners, we try to accommodate our English audience. And what better way to do it than welcoming Anders Jensen, one of the most prominent YouTubers within Process Automation.

With a background as a professional poker player, we are curious to find out if there are similarities or connections between poker and Process Automation.

Since taking a giant leap and quitting his day job to become a YouTuber, Anders has amassed +22.000 subscribers watching his tutorials and walkthroughs on automation software.

In this episode, you'll learn more about the content he's producing and the company he's running.

Listen to the full episode below. 

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RPA, and Process Automation, in general, are shifting right now. From specialized automation developers into end-users, that shift is democratizing Process Automation.

Anders Jensen

Process Automation YouTuber

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