Better claims ratios.
​Reduced risk.

Dynamic accuracy

Respond to emergent risks with speed, accuracy
and agility.​

Population growth, climate change, increased regulatory complexity, and demand for self-service, personalized, omnichannel experiences are placing new demands on insurers.

Explainable, AI-powered automation makes it easy to detect, respond to, and even take advantage of changing conditions – enhancing your application investments and accelerating the delivery of compelling products and services that build trust with both customers and regulators.

Integrates with everything enterprise​

Modernize legacy systems without excessive cost and complexity. And as events and attitudes evolve, quickly make updates in one place—without having to redeploy the applications that rely on those updates—and rapidly innovate across channels.​

Reduces risk and improves transparency​

Existing and emerging legislation is pointing toward greater transparency in AI-enabled applications. Maximize explainability and auditability for your mission-critical decisions, predictions, and processes.

Provides security and scalability​

Service delivery is SOC 2 Type II or ISO 27001 compliant and done through 24/7 automated monitoring, alerting and response. In addition, InRule Technology is backed up by 24/7 technical support that includes continuous availability of engineering resources.​

Enables consistently actionable regulatory compliance​

While achieving regulatory compliance can be complicated and expensive, the alternative is nearly three times as costly. Ensure teams provide consistent, compliant information regardless of channel. ​

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Decision Platform

What could your teams do with more time to innovate?​

When it comes to innovating in this digital-first insurance landscape, time is of the essence. 

No off-the-shelf application exists that satisfies the unique needs of each insurer and customizing a turnkey application can be cost prohibitive and time-consuming. 

Our decision platform is used by insurers around the world to rapidly develop new products, automate form selection, improve accuracy and consistency of quotes or policy determinations across any channel, and operationalize predictive logic investments in a fraction of the time of traditional software development. 

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Process Platform

Reduce friction and accelerate every stage of the policy lifecycle​

From customer onboarding to claims processing and fraud management, eliminate clunky manual steps, build compliant exception handling, and automate repetitive workflows with simple-to-use, low-code, drag-and-drop tools. 

With integrations for DocuSign, UiPath, and more, Process enhances customer engagement, reduces risk, and empowers teams to spend more time deepening customer relationships rather than focused on repetitive, error-prone manual processes and tasks.

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Explainable ML

Be the institution ​customers and ​regulators trust.​

Don’t let bias harm your brand, your business, or your customers.

As you work to employ AI across your digital customer engagement, the sneaky ways harmful bias can creep into models should be enough to worry anyone – not just those in charge of risk and ethics.

Our explainable machine learning has built-in bias detection features designed to help enterprises quantify and mitigate potential hazards.

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“It used to take NAS underwriters 10 minutes to put together a quote. With InRule, it now takes two.”​


Senior Vice President of Technology and Product Management

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Deliver cleaner, more accurate claims​

Streamline your claims process, deliver greater speed and accuracy and achieve better first-pass claims rates.

Create once, ​use anywhere​

Embrace your digital-first reality by innovating from a central point of truth. Increase collaboration and deliver the same outcome, regardless of channel.

Build a better ​ratings engine​

Innovation doesn’t wait in the software development queue. Empower your actuarial teams to build transparent, easily updateable logic that works seamlessly with any application in your enterprise.

Capture share while reducing risk​

Rapidly test new products and create innovative upsell strategies that easily comply with complex regulations, policies and eligibility requirements.

Develop compelling, market-of-one offers ​

Imaging knowing what a customer will want, prefer, or need. Dramatically improve customer experience with real-time data fueling sub-second recommendations and decisions. 

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Digitalize your business processes

Barium Live enables you to have complete transparency throughout your entire workflows. Complex operations made easy.
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