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Get ready to experience the power of explainable, AI-powered automation

Barium Live® Digital process automation platform makes it fast and easy to create or enhance digital and automated end-to-end workflows for continuous improvements.

Barium Live lets you orchestrate every task for coworkers or software robots through entire workflows - while information stays fully integrated with current systems. 

Combined with The InRule® Decision Platform and InRule® explainable AI technologies you gain access to a reality of scalable end-to-end automation capabilities. 

Try our complete suite of process, decisions and explainable AI technologies free for the next 30 days. Create a rule application, test, store, version it, and run your application. Automate manual, monotonous processes and workflows. Build state-of-the-art ML models to make predictions with the why®.

The result? Greater transparency for enhanced outcomes across a wide range of use cases.

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