Create Efficient Workflows and Get Rid of Manual Workarounds

Put an end to inefficient processes that waste time and people. With Barium Live you can have integrated Ways of working across your business, with digital automation. You will be in complete control of all workflows, with silos and bottlenecks a thing of the past.
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Assign the Right Task, to the Right Person, at the Right Time - Automatically

Tired of working from outdated manuals, having to solve problems manually all the time while your business systems support the old ways?

Barium Live lets you connect people, tasks, and IT systems to allow you complete control and overview.

With our platform, you can discover and remove bottlenecks, improve lead times and track every task. Another way it will increase efficiency is by automating tasks that previously were done manually. Automating will not only save time, but you will also no longer be dependent on specific people and their ways of doing things. Instead, your organization as a whole will be better equipped to handle tasks.

Create applications that ensure that the right person gets the right tasks, and delivers on time. With Barium Live you get dynamic IT support systems that make it easy to get things done.


Launch Your Own Applications With Barium Live

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Save time

Coordinate and automate tasks for both people and systems. Save time and get rid of frustrations among your colleagues.

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Take control

Optimize and streamline your processes. Barium Live makes it easy to measure and research your workflows, providing ways to increase efficiency throughout your business.

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Simplify development

Let the business create and launch applications that will help you work smarter and more efficiently, on their own or together with IT. With Barium Live's intuitive interface, you can begin transforming how you work directly without the need for lengthy and expensive IT projects.

4 reasons to choose Barium Live


Manual workarounds and ad hoc solutions is holding back your business. With Barium Live you can automate and streamline processes and get rid of silos. Digitalize complex and ineffective processes throughout your organization, and have one way of working without a lot of programming or time consuming transformation projects.

Work cross-functional

In Manufacturing Retail Hybrids and other big organizations, communication across departments and business units is a challenge. Using one platform to gather all workflows creates a foundation for greater cooperation across functions.


Getting more out of your existing systems, automated workflows, improved communications between departments and the ability to monitor every process are all keys to improving your deliveries. Some of our customers have increased delivery precision from 60% to 99% in just a few months by using Barium Live.


Streamlining how you work, so everyone knows what to do and when, will decrease lead times. No more spending time on chasing down the right information or manually transferring data from one system to another. With Barium Live, you’re in full control of your ways of working.

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Digitalize your business processes

Barium Live enables you to have complete transparency throughout your entire workflows. Complex operations made easy.
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