Provide smart digital support for the business, quickly and efficiently.

Don’t spend months or years on developing digital solutions for all the needs in your business. With Barium Live you can launch smart applications quickly, together with different functions. Save resources and increase automation, without adding to more Shadow IT.
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Create a close-knit IT Environment built on
smart solutions

You don’t have the resources to support the business with all tools and systems. It’s even difficult to find the time to sit with them and identify what exactly they need. But on the other hand, you don’t want them to bring in systems behind your back.

There is a better way: A platform that offers the business a visual interface, so they can configure their own solutions. You just have to help them with the integrations. With Barium Live the business can take ownership of processes and solutions, while you can still ensure a safe and secure IT environment

Smart applications that allow for cross functional collaboration will help you get more out of your existing systems, while retiring those that are obsolete. Both you and the business will have a much better overview of every process. And that makes for a much better relationship.


Work Smarter With Barium Live - Not Harder


Save time, work together

Collaborate on customized solutions with the business. Barium Live’s visual development tools make it easy to quickly map and evolve digitalized tasks and processes.

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Get more out of your systems

Siloed systems cost time and money. Free resources through better use of systems and getting rid of manual workarounds. With Barium Live, you can provide digital solutions to the business that makes a difference. Our well-documented API makes integration easy.


Security is our north star

Information security management is a key part of everything we do. Barium Live is ISO-27001 certified, and all customer data is handled according to information security and privacy protection standards by our Swedish managed hosting supplier.

4 reasons to choose Barium Live

Get More Out of Your Existing Systems

Realize more of the potential of the systems you have already invested in. Barium Live completes and ingrates your business systems. You can increase their effectiveness and minimize the number of specialized systems that will eat up your budget.

Increase Delivery Speed

Creating and launching smart digital solutions will help your business deliver at a higher speed. With Barium Live you can identify and solve gaps that are handled manually today. Unlike traditional ERP systems you don’t have to wait months and years for improvements, you can implement them straight away with Low-Code.

Primed and Ready for Sudden Change

Rapid changes are part and parcel of the world of IT. It can relate to privacy, accessability or something completely different. With Barium Live you have a platform that can help you adapt and evolve quickly, no matter what the changes are.

Cross-Functional Collaboration

No one knows more about what’s needed for efficient processes than the people in your business. With Barium Live you have a flexible tool to help them ideate and implement solutions quickly, and without the need for extensive development projects.

Our delivery model

Our Barium experts will ensure that you have a smooth onboarding as a new customer.

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Digitalize your business processes

Barium Live enables you to have complete transparency throughout your entire workflows. Complex operations made easy.
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