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Niclas Lundberg | 2022-06-21

4 things that intelligence automation is NOT

Intelligence automation combines decision automation (DDP), digital process automation (DPA), and machine learning (ML). Together, these tec [...]

4 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-05-19

4 fast facts about intelligence automation

Automation is becoming a strategic trend and goal for most successful organizations around the globe. But what kind of automation are they z [...]

7 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-02-24

All you need to know about Digital Process Automation

You have probably noticed that Digital Process Automation, or DPA in short, is mentioned more and more related to topics around operational [...]

4 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-02-18

5 arguments for implementing Hyperautomation

Hyperautomation is a discipline that connects three different techniques - Digital Process Automation (DPA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA [...]

8 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-02-03

How Hyperautomation is shaping the business landscape

A methodology once considered futuristic, almost something you could only imagine in a Sci-fi novel. Hyperautomation is today labeled by man [...]

6 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-01-18

The secret recipe for building the right team and scaling automation

With more and more companies focusing on automation, there's a compelling argument to organize a dedicated team that does the footwork. Afte [...]

7 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-01-18

When physical stores turn digital - so must their ways of working

The traditional department store is experiencing a significant transformation. While customers expected a department store to be exactly tha [...]

4 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-01-18

Propel your Article Change Request by leveraging Digital Process Automation

Making changes to a current product on a shelf is everyday business for most retail or manufacturing industry companies. What they often lac [...]

5 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-01-18

What is Low-Code? We have put together a quick introduction to Low-Code and its advantages

Low-Code and No-Code platforms - What are they? You might have heard both terms already. What they refer to are platforms that allow the use [...]

12 min