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Whether you're a customer trying to find a partner to work with, a customer looking to find a technology solution to enhance your existing Barium applications, or a company looking to explore and join our partner ecosystem – you've come to the right place!


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Partners are an integral part of our offering

We strongly believe that to be able to serve our customers better; we need a good ecosystem of partners. We know that the ecosystem with a mix of partners who help us sell and implement the Barium platform as well as technology partners that complement our platform with capabilities that our customers need ads real value.

Our partners are an integral part of the Barium ecosystem. With the Barium Partner Program, customers can team up with a knowledgeable partner to build solutions that solve their unique business challenges.

Three different type of partners


Partners who recommend Barium but don’t sell or implement our solution. They work together with us and usually sell other services that complement the Barium solution itself or services you need help with before you choose the IT solution. It can, for example, be consulting services around digital transformation, change management, and more.

Some of our Referral Partners:

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Partners who take Barium to market and have certified staff that can sell Barium and consultants that can build, implement, and support solutions built on our platform.
Often these partners have complementary products that they offer, like RPA, for example, that get a boost from a platform like Barium Live.

Some of our Value Added Resellers:


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Barium Live is often used and implemented as part of a broader software ecosystem. To ensure the user interface and engagement is as seamless as possible, Barium works closely with our technology partners.

Below you will find some of our technology partners:




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