About Barium

We are a fast-paced challenger to the large global software vendors, enabling our clients to digitize business processes faster than ever before
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About Barium

We are in the business of helping future-proof enterprises and organizations in their daily way of working to attain successful outcomes. How do we accomplish this? By offering a solid, innovative service that creates, follows up, maintains and improves smart business solutions – with ease, cost-effectiveness and time-saving measures; not the usual, conventional way that takes forever, costs a fortune and induces headaches – even burn-out.

Our clients base is made up of leading enterprises and organizations in need of automation and business-process quality assurance. They also need to stay abreast and current with the latest in IT solutions.
Barium, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, possesses considerable expertise‚ its employees having gained extensive experience in information management and business process management (BPM).

The Barium culture

We, at Barium, have brought together innovative, driven individuals with broad backgrounds in areas such as application development, process improvement, business development and sales. The mindset is young but one that possesses a high level of knowledge. Professional, with glint in our eye, we strive to always live up to our commitments, delivering on time with high quality.

We have a young mindset, but with a high level of knowledge. We are professional but fun professional. We always strive to be efficient with strong commitments and we always deliver with high quality.

We, at Barium, epitomize what the Barium Live platform stands for: fast, efficient, highly usable, supportive, innovative, contemporary, vivid and open to change! In a nutshell, we like to get things done, and we like to help our clients get things done!

We are always looking for exceptional talents!

Passionate about new technical innovations that can solve our clients biggest pains? About business development, sales or marketing? At Barium, you’ll feel at home right away, a home, contributing like the rest of us, to our success. We believe in customer focus, personal development and satisfaction at work.
Our vacancies

Barium Management Team

Our mission? Help you improve your business processes.

Mattias Arnelund


Dana Markovic


Tobias Gedell


Jennie Hägglund

CPO (Chief Product Officer)
I really love working at Barium. Every day is fun-filled, and at the same time, challenging, demanding and developing!
Niclas Lundberg


employees devoted to low-code application development and business process management


users of our platform plus a large number of external users


we have customers and users in over 40 countries

Up for the challenge?

Browse our vacancies or just drop a message. If you are the right fit, we want you onboard.
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This is where everything started. Two young students with a passion for IT, created the first embryo to Barium. The name was Spetsdata


Barium acquires the name Barium


New finnish owners - Virala Oy


We launched our first Management system and Intranet


Launch of the full business productivity suite Barium Business Excellence


The BPM and low code platform Barium Live was born. As a true cloud service.


Our first Barium IOS app was created


Barium opens offices in Stockholm and are at the same time named “Cool Vendor" from IT analyst firm Gartner.


Barium meets ISO 27001 requirement classification as one of the first SaaS-companies in Sweden.


Barium Live celebrates 5 year as a cloud service


Cooperation with Svenska Vård, and our joint offering Qualitivo. A management system for healthcare and social service providers.


Barium launches a completely new corporate identity and a new website with much more relevant content.


Barium Live cements its position as a Low-Code platform and gets mentioned in a Gartner report yet again.


The platform, Barium Live, celebrates its 10-year anniversary and is recognized as one of the first true SaaS platforms in Sweden.

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