AI-powered​ intelligence automation

Delight customers and improve business outcomes​ by combining process, decision automation and machine learning – without code.

Why barium?

Make it easy to do things right

Is Excel, email, or limited tools how you close the gaps in your internal processes?

Do you have a limited overview of your workflows?

All of this is a drain on money and resources. With Barium Live, you can get your systems to work together while automating tasks and accelerating the pace of digitization.

Create conditions where it is easy to do the right thing (and hard to do it wrong). Begin to work in a standardized and measurable way.

How it works

Build, run, monitor & repeat

Barium Live is a cloud-based digital process automation platform known for changing manual and tedious processes into joyful and automated ways of working.

The lifecycle of your workflows consist of 3 steps:

  1. Build
  2. Run
  3. Monitor

Watch the video where our solution architect Rickard Nilsson walks you through these steps.


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For whom?

Made to make business and IT come together

With the compelling power of low code, you can go as complex or simplistic as your business needs.

For the Business

Put an end to inefficient processes that waste time and people. With Barium Live, you can have integrated Ways of working across your business with digital automation. You will be in complete control of all workflows, with silos and bottlenecks a thing of the past.

For IT

Don’t spend months or years on developing digital solutions for all the needs in your business. With Barium Live, you can launch innovative applications quickly, together with different functions. Save resources and increase automation without adding to more Shadow IT.


Latest and greatest

Never graduate! Discover our content library, fully packed with educational and inspirational resources that will help you gain knowledge and better understand process automation.

essity-office User stories
"Barium Live has evolved our ways of working. This has helped us to be more competitive and work smarter." - Dana Elkin  

Explore solution areas

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Digital ways of working for Retail

For Manufacturing retail hybrids and pure retail companies, the digital revolution has changed the nature of customer interaction. 

Today’s customers are more aware than ever before, and their expectations are high - every step of the way. Check-out, capturing customer data, deliveries, and returns have to execute smoothly.

Streamlining internal and external processes, striving towards a smooth supply chain, and unified Ways of working without manual or ad-hoc tasks is on most retailers’ minds.  

What other retailers have built with Barium Live: 

  • Digital Store Check
  • Claims management
  • Order-to-delivery
  • Article change request (ACR)

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Increase the Speed of Change of Your Digital Revolution

Your legacy systems are costing you time and money. They have to be constantly updated, and still, they don't solve new needs. So you add new systems, putting more pressure on IT.

To manufacturers, speed is everything, and you need the right tools to survive the tougher competition. With Barium Live, you can get more out of existing systems like ERP, CRM, and HR from the start, ensuring automation and consistent processes across every part of the business.

What other manufacturers have built with Barium Live: 

  • Onboarding and offboarding 
  • Deviation management
  • CSR & Supplier monitoring
  • Innovation processes

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Respond to emergent risks with speed, accuracy, and agility.​

Population growth, climate change, increased regulatory complexity, and demand for self-service, personalized, omnichannel experiences are placing new demands on insurers.

Explainable, AI-powered automation makes it easy to detect, respond to, and even take advantage of changing conditions – enhancing your application investments and accelerating the delivery of compelling products and services that build trust with both customers and regulators.


Real life success stories

Don't just take our word for it - take our customers

Delivery precision is one, if not the most important, KPI we have. Thanks to Barium Live, we’re in control of this process. It gives us great peace of mind!”

Bart Daams
Regulatory Affairs & Compliance Manager
Toi-Toys user story

“Our motto is to be dynamic and flexible. Barium Live allows us to achieve that.

Vilma Rakickaite
Project Developer EBB Invest
EBB Invest user story

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