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Our BPM & Low-Code Platform models business processes & create applications – at lightning speed: 10 times than conventional methodologies!

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ONE Nordic builds applications in 2-3 weeks with Barium's Low Code platform

ONE Nordic uses Barium Live as a strategic platform in its daily work and in just a few weeks, the company can design and develop applications to streamline various processes in its operations.


Number of applications


weeks to create an application

ONE Nordic (en)

Company: ONE Nordic

Employees: approx 1000

Turnover: 2 billion SEK

Autoliv digitizes business processes

A global manufacturing company focusing on safety equipment with operations in 29 countries are using Barium Live to manage the Supplier Charge Back process. Before the client was not even able to get half of their claims when they had production stop [...]

57% lead time reduction

4 week implementation

50% process adherence before Barium


Revenue: 75 billion SEK

Employees: 66 000

Countries: 28

IKEA goes Barium Live

IKEA, a global retailer with 350+ retail stores in 43 countries with a total sales volume of about 28 billion Euros, has implemented Barium Live to support several processes. One of the implemented solutions is the Investment Approval process. The [...]

70% increased efficiency

100% process adherence

3 improvement cycles

5 weeks implementation time


Company: IKEA

Employees: 149 000

Turnover: 36 billion EUR

Our platform

Barium delivers an innovative, easy-to-use, low-code platform, enabling you to digitize and automate business processes within several industries at lightning speed. Consolidate your IT environment and delight your users with user-friendliness at the same time!
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Model processes

Drag-n-drop business processes in no time

Create applications

Transform your processes to applications, without coding

Work and follow-up

Process compliance, automation and tracking is some of the perks you'll be able to take advantage of

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