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Why article change requests might be the secret sauce for gaining a competitive advantage

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  • Why article change requests might be the secret sauce for gaining a competitive advantage

Unforeseen events happen, often when we least expect them to and usually when we least want them to. So how do you as an organization respond to an ever-changing business environment? If there are no tools that support agile and dynamic ways of working, you are at risk of competitors overtaking your market shares. 

There are different paths and techniques to choose when addressing this issue, as with everything in life. One of the benefits we have at our disposal today is the digital maturity we've reached, which in turn brings a plethora of choices. A few years back, most companies only discussed implementing new digital software solutions such as Low-Code, No-Code, AI, Machine Learning, etc. Today, we're at a crossroads, adapt or die. The issue, albeit, is labeled the same. The catalog we're choosing from is too extensive! 

Choosing your path

There are three paths to choose from when deciding on how to address something which we haven't got the right tools for at the moment. 

  • Adjust and/or supplement pre-existing systems
  • Buy or integrate new software
  • Do nothing

Whatever path you choose, make sure that it correlates with your specific ways of working. Nothing is more counterproductive than having systems that dictate how you should be working. It should be the other way around; your working methods should be the center from which the systems and software revolve. 

Aim for flexibility and speed

With uncertainties looming around every corner, whether political, economic, social or anything else, the need for flexibility and speed has never been greater. The ability to react, and react fast, has become a necessity for most industries. The, perhaps, most vulnerable industry being Manufacturing Retail Hybrids. Companies that both produce and sell goods. Retail often lacks a faithful customer base, and manufacturing companies can hit substantial overhead costs due to stockholding, product deficiencies, and an exposed supply chain. All these put together quickly turns into a troublesome situation.

When choosing a new software that is supposed to aid the business in their everyday work life, strive for software that enables rather than overturns them. 

Don't forget ease of use

On that point, the business should create and develop its IT support to be efficient. Or at the very least, understand and be involved in what is being made and be a part of the discussion. That way, they can make their voices heard regarding aspects the IT department doesn't have experienced. 

Although most of those who work in the organization's business side don't have programming or development backgrounds, there are answers to this issue. It's spelled Low-code and No-Code. These techniques usually have the end-users in mind in terms of both the outcome, functionality, and ease of use. 


The secret sauce for software that puts you ahead of your competition is extensive. These ingredients, however, take you a long way. 

  • Supporting your unique way of working
  • Focus on flexibility and speed
  • Always have the end-users in the center of the equation
  • Easy to use 

Having the Manufacturing Retail Hybrids mentioned above in mind, there's one criminally underrated process. The handling of processes regarding article change requests. The company itself can easily manage and alter these processes, provided they possess the correct tools. Therefore, the potential competitive edge is enormous. Adjusting the pricing or assortment at a swift pace can be the difference between a customer choosing your store or a competitor. 


Barium Live is a DPA platform that offers this kind of speed and flexibility. It's, however, more than just article change requests or campaign management. Visit our applications portfolio to explore, and get inspired by, more application areas.


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