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Niclas Lundberg | 2022-01-10

The secret recipe for building the right team and scaling automation

With more and more companies focusing on automation, there's a compelling argument to organize a dedicated team that does the footwork. Afte [...]

7 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-12-15

When physical stores turn digital - so must their ways of working

The traditional department store is experiencing a significant transformation. While customers expected a department store to be exactly tha [...]

4 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-11-24

Propel your Article Change Request by leveraging Digital Process Automation

Making changes to a current product on a shelf is everyday business for most retail or manufacturing industry companies. What they often lac [...]

5 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-11-19

What is Low-Code? We have put together a quick introduction on Low-Code and its advantages

Low-Code and No-Code platforms - What are they? You might have heard both terms already. What they refer to are platforms that allow the use [...]

12 min
Digital transformering
low code
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-10-19

Why you need to focus on the back-end processes revolving around your products

Competition among companies is not only fierce today - we now experience what some have denominated as "hypercompetition". This means that t [...]

5 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-09-24

Why article change requests might be the secret sauce for gaining a competitive advantage

Unforeseen events happen, often when we least expect them to and usually when we least want them to. So how do you as an organization respon [...]

5 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-09-02

InRule Technologies förvärvar Barium

Förvärvet har uppmärksammats på flera håll - först ut med nyheten var Breakit som genom en intervju fick ta del av Bariums CEO, Mattias Arne [...]

4 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-07-06

Vad är control towers - och varför ska du bry dig?

Idag har konsumenter krav på ditt företag att leverera produkter med hög kvalitet, levereras samma dag, med hållbarhet genom hela kedjan och [...]

9 min
Supply Chain
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-06-01

Så skapar Supply Chain rätt förutsättningar för lönsamhet inom retail

Supply Chain Management (SCM) har länge spelat en viktig roll för retails lönsamhet. Det är dock nu på senare tid som det har börjat uppmärk [...]

6 min
Supply Chain