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Niclas Lundberg | 2022-06-21

4 things that intelligence automation is NOT

Intelligence automation combines decision automation (DDP), digital process automation (DPA), and machine learning (ML). Together, these tec [...]

4 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-05-19

4 fast facts about intelligence automation

Automation is becoming a strategic trend and goal for most successful organizations around the globe. But what kind of automation are they z [...]

7 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-02-03

How Hyperautomation is shaping the business landscape

A methodology once considered futuristic, almost something you could only imagine in a Sci-fi novel. Hyperautomation is today labeled by man [...]

6 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2022-01-10

The secret recipe for building the right team and scaling automation

With more and more companies focusing on automation, there's a compelling argument to organize a dedicated team that does the footwork. Afte [...]

7 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-12-15

When physical stores turn digital - so must their ways of working

The traditional department store is experiencing a significant transformation. While customers expected a department store to be exactly tha [...]

4 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-11-24

Propel your Article Change Request by leveraging Digital Process Automation

Making changes to a current product on a shelf is everyday business for most retail or manufacturing industry companies. What they often lac [...]

5 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-11-19

What is Low-Code? We have put together a quick introduction on Low-Code and its advantages

Low-Code and No-Code platforms - What are they? You might have heard both terms already. What they refer to are platforms that allow the use [...]

12 min
Digital transformering
low code
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-10-19

Why you need to focus on the back-end processes revolving around your products

Competition among companies is not only fierce today - we now experience what some have denominated as "hypercompetition". This means that t [...]

5 min
Niclas Lundberg | 2021-09-24

Why article change requests might be the secret sauce for gaining a competitive advantage

Unforeseen events happen, often when we least expect them to and usually when we least want them to. So how do you as an organization respon [...]

5 min